DC        Budget Preparation and Approvals

DCB       Fiscal Year

DCD       Budget Adoption Procedures and Revenue Estimates

DCG       Encumbrances

DCH       Monthly Financial Reconciliation

DCHA      Periodic Budget Amendments

DCI       Budget Transfer Authority

DE        Current Budget Debt Limitation

DFA       Local Tax Revenues

DFD       Bond Sales

DFE       Short Term Notes

DFK       Gifts and Bequests (Also KH)

DG        Central Office Depository of Funds

DH        Bonded Employees

DID       Central Office Audits

DIF       Fund Balance

DJC       Contracts for Certified Personnel

DJCB      Salary Deductions (Also GAL)

DJCB-R1   Salary Deductions (Also GAL-R1)

DJCB-R2   Regulations for Handling Payroll Deductions:

Insurance and Annuity Plans (Also GAL-R2)

DJCF      Fair Labor Standards Act: Overtime Pay (Also GALA)

DJCG      Fringe Benefits for Personnel (Also GALAD)

DJD       Travel Expenses for Personnel (Also GALE)

DJD-F1    Out-of-County Travel Form (Also GALE-F1)

DJE       Purchasing

DJEB      Superintendent's Emergency Purchasing Limits

DJED      Bid Purchasing

DJEG      Purchase Orders

DJEI      Vendor Relations (Also GAJB)

DJF       Capital Outlay Purchasing

DL        Cash in School Buildings

DM        Classroom Instructional Supply Fund

DN        Local School Finances

DNA       Local School Accounting and Reporting

DNB       Local School Monthly Financial Record Reconciliation

DNC       Local School Audits

DND       Local School Checking Accounts

DO        Financial Accounting for School Clubs and Organizations

DOA       Bad Checks