EB        Buildings and Grounds Management

EBB       Safety Program   

EBBA      Fire Prevention

EBBC      Emergency Drills (Also JGFA)

EBCA      Vandalism Protection (Also EBC)

EBG       Repairs (Also DJED)

ECC       Fixed Asset Inventories (Also GAQ)

ECC-R1    Removal of Items From the Fixed Asset Inventory

ECC-F1    Fixed Asset Change or Disposition Form

ECCF      Use of School Facilities (Also KG)

ECCF-R2   Regulations Governing the Use of School Facilities (Also KG-R2)  

ECCF-F1   Facility Use Request Form (Also KG-F1)

ECCF-F2   Facility Use Hold Harmless Agreement (Also KG-F2)

ECCG      Real Property Disposal

ECCGB     Personal Property Disposal

ECCH      Use of Board Owned Vehicles

ECCJ      Use of School System-Owned Equipment and Materials (Also GAQ)

EDAE      Contractual Arrangements for Privately Owned Buses (Also IFCB)

EDAF      Volunteer Driver Agreement for Privately Owned Cars On School Sponsored Trips

EDAG      Contracts with External Individuals or Agencies  

EE        Child Nutrition Program Management  (Also JGH)

EGB       Insurance Management (Also IFCB)

EHC       Work Periods for Personnel (Also GBAA)

EIA       Records Disposition

EIB       Records Retention Schedule