GAAA           Equal Opportunity Employment

GAE             Grievances

GAE-R          Grievance Notification and Report Form

GAIA           Solicitations of and by Staff Members

GAID           Conflict of Interest

GAJA           Gifts by and to Staff Members

GAJD           Political Activity

GAJDB         Code of Conduct for School System Personnel

GAJDBG       Personnel/Student Relationships and Conduct

GAJDBH       Sexual Harassment of Employees  

GAK             Recruitment of Personnel

GAKA           Employment of Personnel  

GAKB           Criteria For Employment

GAKC           Applications For Employment

GAKCD         Employment Interviews

GAKCDF       Employment Procedures

GAKE           Job Vacancies

GAKF           Job Description Development  

GAKG           Orientation of Personnel

GAKH           Assignment of Personnel

GAKI           Personnel Records

GAKJ           Public Use of Personnel Records

GAL             Salary Deductions

GAL-R1        Salary Deductions

GAL-R2        Regulations for Handling Payroll Deductions

GALA           Fair Labor Standards Act: Overtime Pay

GALAD         Fringe Benefits for Personnel

GALB           Sick Leave for Personnel

GALB-R        Substitute Payroll Form

GALBA         Sick Leave for Job Related Injuries

GALBB         Sick Leave for Retirement Purposes

GALBD         Military Leave for Personnel

GALBE         Maternity Leave for Personnel

GALBEA        Family and Medical Leave

GALBF          Legal Service Absences for Personnel

GALBG         Temporary Professional Leaves of Absence for Personnel

GALC           Retirement of Personnel

GALD           Salary Schedules for Personnel

GALDC         Payroll Checks for Personnel

GALE           Travel Expenses for Personnel

GALE-R        Out-of-County Travel Permission Form

GALG           Possession of Firearms by Personnel

GAMA          Health Examinations for Personnel

GAMAA        Communicable Diseases

GAMAA-R2    Routine Procedures for Sanitation and Hygiene When Handling Body Fluids

GAMAB        Tuberculosis Test for Employees

GAMBC        Drug-Free Workplace

GAMBCD      Drug Testing of Designated Employees

GAMBCD-R   Acknowledgement Form

GAMC          Tobacco Use by Personnel

GAN            Suspension for Disciplinary Purposes

GAR            Data Governance

GAQ            Use of School System Owned Equipment and Materials (also DICB)

GBA             Certified Personnel Defined

GBAA           Contracts for Certified Personnel

GBBA           Certified Personnel Qualifications

GBG            Probation of Certified Personnel

GBI             Evaluation of Certified Personnel

GBIB           Staff Rights and Responsibilities

GBK             Highly Qualified (page 1) (page 2)

GBK-F1        Application for Assistance

GBK-F2        Special Consideration

GBL             Continuing Service for Certified Personnel

GBM            Transfer of Certified Personnel

GBN            Separation of Certified Personnel

GBNA           Reduction in Force of Certified Personnel

GBO            Resignation of Certified Personnel

GBRB           Time Schedules and Work Loads for Certified Personnel

GBRC           Supervision of Certified Personnel

GBRDA         Institute Day

GBRE           Extra Duties

GBRGB         Tutoring for Pay by Certified Personnel

GBRH          Vacation Leave for Personnel

GBRHB         Annual Leaves of Absence for Certified Personnel

GBRI           Personal Leaves and Absences for Certified Personnel

GBRIB          Sick Leave Bank for Certified Personnel

GBRIB-R       Sick Leave Bank and Catastrophic Leave Guidelines

GBRJ           Substitute Teachers

GBRJ-R        Special Arrangements for Substitute Teachers

GBS             Professional Organizations for Certified Personnel

GCA             Non-certified Personnel Defined

GCAA           Contracts for Non-certified Personnel

GCAA-R1      Full-Time Non-certified Initial Employment Contract

GCAA-R2      Part-Time Non-certified Initial Employment Contract

GCFA           Inservice for Non-certified Personnel

GCH            Supervision of Non-certified Personnel

GCI             Probationary Period for Non-certified Personnel

GCL             Non-Probationary Status for Non-certified Personnel

GCM            Transfer of Non-certified Personnel

GCMA          Evaluation of Non-certified Personnel

GCN            Termination/Separation of Non-certified Personnel

GCNA           Reduction in Force of Non-certified Personnel

GCRB           Time Schedules and Work Loads for Classified Personnel

GCRD           Substitute Support Personnel

GCRG          Sick Leave Bank for Non-certified Personnel

GCRI           Personal Leaves and Absences for Classified Personnel