IA        Educational Philosophy

IAA       Instructional Goals and Objectives

IAAB      Academic Freedom

IAAC      Controversial Issues

IC        Curriculum Revision/Consistency

ICBA      Curriculum Adoption

ICC       Research

IDBD      Title I Program

IDBDC     Title I Parental Involvement

IDCAD     Extended School Year: ESY (Special Education)

IDCBA     Early Admission to Institutions of Higher Education

IDCC      Evening School (Also JFHB)

IDCCD     Home Schools:  Regulations for Establishment

IDCCG     Transfers from Non-Accredited Schools 

IDCFA     Cooperative Vocational Educational Programs

IDCFAB    Equipment

IDDB      Instructional Remediation

IDDC      Homebound Instruction

IDDC-R2   Homebound Services: Requirements for Students & Parents

IDDCB     Temporary Home Instruction

IDDE      Child Abuse and Neglect

IDDF      Special Education

IDE       Student Activities

IDG       Adult Basic Education Program  

IDGD      Educational Programs Designed to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Pregnancies

IEBA      Length of School Day and School Year

IEBAC     Care of Students Before and After School

IEBAD     Care of Students After School-Sponsored Events

IEE       Planned Program of Studies for High School Students

IFAAA     Textbook Selection and Adoption

IFAB      Textbook Payment Schedule

IFAC      Local School Material Selection and Purchase

IFBA      Instructional Aides

IFBD      School Media Centers

IFBD-R    School Media Centers - Selection of Media Materials

IFBE      Textbook/Instructional Material Review Procedure  

IFBEC     Review of Audiovisual Materials

IFBG      Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials

IFBGB     Computer Software Selection and Duplication

IFCB      Field Trips and Excursions

IFCB-F1   Field Trip / School Bus Request Form

IFCD      School Volunteers

IFCD-F1   Non Faculty Coach Release Form

IFCD-F2   Non Faculty Coach Guidelines

IG        Student Guidance Program

IGA       Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program

IHAD      Parent Conferences

IHD       Weighted Grades

IHEA      Make-Up Opportunities (Also JBD, JFEC)

IHEAA     Tutoring For Pay By Certified Personnel  (Also GBRGB)

IHEAB     Use of School Name and School System Name

IHFA-R    Eligibility for Participating in Graduation Ceremony Exercises.

IHFB      Embedded Credit for Career/Technical Programs

II        Testing Programs

IIA       Extracurricular activities/state assessments

IIB       Test Security

IIB-R     Test Security Policy

IIC       Use and Dissemination of Test Results

IIF       Storing Student Permanent Records

IKA       Teaching Methods

IKB       Character Education  

IKBA      Outside Presenters/Lecturers

IKC       Teaching About Religion

IKDA      Flag Displays

IKI       Lesson Plans

IL        Virtual School